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What are the benefits?

There are lots of benefits to studying at Higher Education level, whether that’s at college, an apprenticeship or university.

Gov.Uk conducted a study and found that the main benefits to students in Higher Education were:

  • Community – you’re more likely to vote and volunteer in your community
  • Health – less likely to drink excessively, smoke or be obese, better mental health and better general health, longer life expectancy
  • Employment – will have access to higher paid roles, increased employability and increased entrepreneurial activity
  • Happiness – studies have found that you’re more likely to feel fulfilled in your career and will enjoy your job.

Benefits of higher education participation the quadrants

Higher Education is also a place for you to meet new friends, follow a course that interests you, and take part in events and activities you might not get the chance to do outside of school.

There are also opportunities to study abroad and see new countries, made easier by the financial support you will receive.

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