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Young people can experience a wide range of wellbeing difficulties as they progress through school, college and higher education. From our first hand discussions, we know that many parents and carers are unsure of how to support their young people in the best way throughout their education journey. If that’s you, then rest assured you’re not alone.

If you’re looking for advice or support relating to your young person’s wellbeing in education, watch the short film about Josh and his family, and browse the collection of links at the bottom of this page.

Go Higher West Yorkshire will be launching another two wellbeing in education animations early 2020, covering different aspects of the topic. Also, taking on board feedback and requests from young people, parents/carers and education professionals we will be releasing a wellbeing in education workshop session spring 2020. Follow @GoHigherWY on twitter, or sign up below for more information.

Wellbeing in education - some helpful links and resources

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