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The Science of Humans

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Hello and welcome to Go Higher West Yorkshire’s programme all about the science of the human body!

Cartoon of kids learning about science

In this programme there are lots of fun activities for you to complete and things to learn all based around science. With the help of some lovely students you will learn all about how the brain thinks, what cells are like, the organs of the body and how we fight diseases.


Each section will take you about 20-30 minutes to complete. You can do the sections in any order and there is a quiz to take part to once you have completed each topic.


If you can, take some photos of the activities you have done and send them in to us to get some feedback on your work and receive a digital certificate! Adults can do this by emailing pictures to Zac the course organiser through


Go Higher West Yorkshire is a partnership of 13 higher education providers across West Yorkshire committed to reducing inequalities in higher education. This project brings together students currently studying at different partnership members to present on topics they are passionate about. In this project we have students from the University of Bradford and University of Huddersfield talking about different scientific areas they are experts in.


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  • 12/03/2021 11:33 am
Course Curriculum

Session A - Psychology and Our Brain

4 Lessons / 0 Quizes
Introduction to Psychology 50 points
All about Inkblot Tests: Activity - Making your own inkblot 50 points
Big 5 Traits 50 points
Student insight into Psychology 50 points

Session B - The Eye

5 Lessons / 0 Quizes
Session B- Introduction 50 points
The Eye Structure: Activity - Drawing an eye 50 points
How we see 50 points
Short and long sightedness 50 points
Conclusion - What is it like to study optometry? 10 points

Session C - Cells & Fighting Diseases

2 Lessons / 0 Quizes
Cells & Fighting Diseases: Activity - Becoming a cell that finds bacteria 50 points
Studying immunology at university? 50 points

Session D - Systems of the Body

5 Lessons / 0 Quizes
Life sciences - an introduction 50 points
Systems and heart rate 50 points
Body Systems & Heart Rate: Activity - Measuring your heart rate 50 points
More systems of the body 50 points
Conclusion - What is it like to study Healthcare Sciences? 50 points


1 Lessons / 0 Quizes
The Science of Humans Quiz 50 points


1 Lessons / 0 Quizes
Feedback and Evaluation (For Parents\Carers\Guardians) 50 points
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