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1.1 What is employability?

The purpose of this unit is to give you a better understanding of why employability is important and how understanding the topic will enable you to better coach employability skills.

Let’s start by defining what the term means, and what it doesn’t….

Employability is…

Employability isn’t

  • Something you ‘do’ just to ‘get’ a job
  • Something everyone masters straight away
  • Something that can be learned and then left
  • Necessarily easy to teach – but can be coached
  • Something that needs to be completely perfected prior to going into FE/HE/voluntary or paid employment
  • Something we are all born with or have natural abilities in
  • Limited (to a few skills, industries or arguably just the work environment – however fewer, more holistic descriptions of employability exist)
  • Something everyone will excel at on every level
  • Only relevant to a select group of people or sectors
  • Something that should only be acknowledged on completion of education or at a certain juncture in a person’s career
  • Another term for employment
  • Something that is only really applicable during the interview or probation period of employment to prove your capability.

Now we have considered some aspects of employability, why not watch this 2 minute video by clicking on the video at the top of this page and hear from some experts on the matter:


Link to video for sharing:

Reflection point
This piece provides an interesting review of the consideration regarding how AI may effect the workplace, on a global scale. What are your thoughts on this advancement of technology? How might it impact the people you work with and teach?


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