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GHWY: Online Systems-101

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Hi there! this CPD course will look into some of the systems we use here at Go Higher West Yorkshire. Check out the curriculum below and enroll by signing in.
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Master the basics if GHWY systems in 30 minutes

These short course lessons will make you a Basecamp and CRM pro in no time.


Learning structure:


Introduction and demonstration to Basecamp

How to replace files and how to find files



How schools can book activity and how our team manages this process

How to upload a blog

The staff page and our contacts


Please use the ‘Q&A’ within the tab to ask any questions.

As always, your feedback is always welcome 🙂




Leadership Board: View the current Leadership Board. Complete our course and take the quiz to see if you can earn your place!

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Additional Details

  • 50 points
  • 06/04/2020 2:39 pm
Course Curriculum

Introduction to GHWY systems

5 Lessons / 0 Quizes
Get Started 50 points
What you will cover 50 points
Go Higher West Yorkshire Stand 50 points
University and Colleges in West Yorkshire 50 points

Basecamp - 101 - A Beginners guide

7 Lessons / 0 Quizes
Basecamp - What is it and how does it work? 50 points
Basecamp - Uploading and replacing files 50 points
Basecamp - Mini E-Book Guide 10 points
SPSS Workbook example 50 points
Basecamp - The video guide 50 points
Example Webinar Style Experience (pre-recorded) 50 points
Name my institution 50 points

Module Quiz

1 Lessons / 0 Quizes
Systems 101 quiz 50 points


2 Lessons / 0 Quizes
Systems 101 Feedback 50 points
Paint your future 50 points
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