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Living at home or away

Living at home

Commuting to university or college from your own home can save money. You need to take into account:

  • Time – how long will it take to commute from my house?
  • Travel – will I drive, get the bus, the train, or walk?
  • Social – will I be missing out if I don’t live with other students?

A lot of students choose to commute to college or university. At the University of Huddersfield, more than 30% of their students live at home. When you’re on campus, there’s plenty of opportunity to get involved with central student activities, events and societies.

Living away from home

Living away can give you this brand new experience of living independently and meeting lots of new people.

The cost of living away from home can vary, but Student Finance can help contribute towards those costs.

There are lots of things you need to consider when moving:

  • Renting – You may also choose to rent in the private sector. Properties vary from one bedroom flats to multi-person houses and can cost varying amounts. Bills are usually not included but you can get some tenancy agreements which include your water, gas, electric and wi-fi in your rent
  • Living Costs – Remember, there are additional living costs alongside your rent. Food, toiletries, study equipment and travel are just some of the extra factors you’ll have to think about budgeting for when studying.  Living costs vary across the region, but take a look at the University of Bradford’s Living Costs page for an example of the kinds of costs you’ll have.
  • Tenancies – The majority of university tenancies are for 42 weeks, covering the academic year. Some Halls of Residence provide food; others are self-catering so bear that in mind when making your choice on where to live.


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