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One Minute Read for Business – 5 September 2013

In the second of our ‘one minute reads’ we turn our attention to the value of student placements and internships for business.

Student placements are naturally a great way for students to further develop real life work skills (remember most now work as well as study) and gain experience in the field that they aspire to work in.  However, have you thought about the value the student can bring to your business?  Statement Digital have developed a strong relationship with Wakefield College in order to take students on placement as this strengthens opportunities to spot talent for future recruitment and builds their relationship with the education sector leading to increased opportunities for business.

At HEART we have agreed that interns must be paid and details of the different types of placement and internships can be located here. So why pay an intern?  Simple, an intern is expected to ‘do the job’ and therefore they are delivering real value to your business and of course they have bills to pay like anyone else.  A well structured internship offers the student great opportunity to put their learning into practice and the business opportunity to get projects and tasks completed.  It also offers

a business fresh ideas and skills that might not be contained in-house.  A really good example is that of A View From the Hill who, working with the University of Leeds, won the ‘Intern of Year’ award.

If you are not sure where to start we can help!  Just contact us to talk about your needs and we can advise you on how our partners can deliver for you.