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One Minute Read for Business – 30 July 2013

Inspired by the one minute manager series of books, HEART thought a one minute read for hectic business leaders and managers might be useful.

What can a business do that almost guarantees improved business, productivity, growth and a sustained future?  Invest in higher level skills staff development!

Don’t take our word for it, look at all the research from UKCES, Leeds City Region LEP and so many other well regarded organisations, we did and a summary of some key points are available HERE.

An argument in recent months against investing in skill development has been the increased fees being charged at Universities and Colleges.  Admittedly fees have increased as a result of changes to Government funding but not all providers are charging the much publicised £9000 per year.  Take for example the Foundation degrees offered by HEART partners which start from as little as £1,990 per year and that are designed in partnership with employers to ensure learning is applicable to and embedded in the workplace.

Add to this the availability of student loans for part-time students for the first time and suddenly the investment looks pretty impressive.  Loan repayments only kick in on salaries above £21,000 and the repayments for someone on £25,000 is less than a cup of coffee per day.

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