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One Minute Business Read – 8 November 2013

It is always gratifying to learn that graduates are perceived as work ready and this has been reiterated in our reading of the Wakefield State of the Economy report and also in the most recent UKCES research reports.  Similarly conversations with a number of our Higher Level Skills Ambassadors suggest this to be the case although of course graduates still have a lot to learn and need to be supported to settle into companies just like any other new employee.
Could you help in creating work ready graduates?
We are not complacent at HEART or in our individual partner institutions.  We know that we and our students need to do more to enhance employability.  This is where businesses across West Yorkshire can really help us by offering work experience placements and internships which challenge students to put their skills to the test and simultaneously develop additional skills and understanding of business needs and processes.
The scale of what can be achieved through offering placements and internships varies dramatically from relatively simple opportunities providing students hands on work experience of typical day-to-day working practice through to discrete and specific projects for businesses.  Edward Ryder, owner of Biskit Ltd, an Otley based marketing and communications business provided two internships last year and through the additional capacity and support that they provided enabled him to launch two new businesses, Yorkshire Talking Heads and A View From the Hill (a community interest company supporting business/voluntary sector relationships).  As a result this company won the prestigious ‘Placement of the Year’ award at the National Council for Work Experience awards.
If you would like to discuss opportunities and how you can connect with our partners do please get in touch – 0113 343 2312 or email