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One Minute Business Read – 7 October 2013

As much as the HEART partnership is about enabling equal opportunity for individuals to access higher education, whether this be under individual approach or via corporate sponsorship, we are not blind to the reality of ‘it’s who you know as much as what you know’ that gains you progress.

Could you be a Higher Level Skills Ambassador for us? We are fortunate enough to know some great business leaders and a number have agreed to take our relationship further by agreeing to be Higher Level Skills Ambassadors. Coming from a range of sectors and company sizes they share a common trait, they have learnt the value of working collaboratively with Universities and Colleges.  They have a range of relationships, supporting students by offering guest lectures and providing insight to current industry practice, providing placements and internships, co-developing degree programmes, conducting collaborative research and development and so on.

If you are interested check out the broad Role Descriptor and requirements and then get in touch. If you are unsure and would like to talk to one of the Ambassadors why not come along to the Yorkshire Talking Heads business networking dinner on 21 November 2013 when a number of Ambassadors will be in attendance.

What is fantastic about our Ambassadors is that they talk to contacts in their supply chains and business networks about the benefits they have realised personally and corporately by working with the Universities and Colleges and then support people to contact with us.

We can’t thank our Ambassadors enough for the support they offer and for introducing us to their contacts.  We are naturally keen to hear from any business leader who has strong relationships with Universities and Colleges, knows the value of such collaboration and is willing to spread the word to other businesses.

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