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Help develop our upcoming wellbeing in education campaign to support parents, carers and young people in West Yorkshire

Are you responsible for a young person in West Yorkshire?

We at Go Higher West Yorkshire (GHWY) are passionate about helping people make the right choice for them about their next steps in education. We know that parents and carers play a big role in this.

On behalf of GHWY, researchers Trinity McQueen invite you to participate in this short research survey which will inform our upcoming wellbeing in education campaign. This campaign will aim to help parents and carers like yourself support their child to succeed in education – placing the wellbeing of young people at the heart of the campaign.

By taking part in this important research you are helping us create the best campaign possible. The survey should take ten to fifteen minutes to complete and you can complete it on a smart phone, tablet or laptop/computer.

Take part in our survey: Go Higher West Yorkshire Survey