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GHWY’s Care Leaver Covenant highlighted by Centre for Social Justice

A new Centre for Social Justice report into the persistent poor outcomes for care leavers highlights the commitment Go Higher West Yorkshire (GHWY) has shown to the group.

The ‘12 By 24’ publication makes several recommendations to increase the number of care experienced young people entering higher education (HE). These include developing a ‘Gold Standard’ for HE providers that would set minimum expectations for those working to support care leavers, share best practice, and recognise providers that excel.

It recommends that the Care Leaver Covenant – which is a promise made by organisations to provide support for care leavers to live independently – promotes the Gold Standard as a framework that all participating institutions should follow.

The commitment shown by GHWY, which was an early adopter of the Covenant, is highlighted in a case study.

It looks at how the partnership identified the existing ways in which it supported care leavers, and further ways in which individual partner institutions could support the group. It also reproduces the Covenant’s table, which details the different support that each HE provider offers to care leavers.

Read the full report here.

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