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University of Leeds

Student Carer Bursary & Other Financial Support Info

We do not currently offer a bursary specific to young carers, but the university offers a non-repayable bursary called Leeds Financial Support. Eligibility is based on your assessed household income and the details of how much you would be eligible for are here.  (If you are not a recipient of the means tested scholarship).


Student Support – academic and pastoral

Young Carers would be eligible to join the Plus Programme. This would comprise of a variety of support including paid for social events, access to our Opportunities Fund to support with employability and extracurricular activities, access to mentoring schemes, insight days, wellbeing support, amongst many other opportunities.

We would recommend that you inform one of the student support officers in the academic school of you being a young carer. This staff member can discuss your needs with you and inform other relevant staff where appropriate. You would also discuss things such as mitigating circumstances and ensuring the timetable fits your needs.

It also worth looking at Access to Leeds, which gives eligible students up to a 2 grade drop in entry requirements for courses (so ABB for Medicine rather than AAA). All students have to meet two criteria, however. If you feel being a carer has disrupted your studies, that is one of the criteria that they may already meet.


Website & named contact

Link: The Plus Programme

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