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The application itself, starting with your Personal details

So, with that said and done, let’s get down to the most important bit- the application itself.

Personal details

This is the first section you’ll come across, and is pretty much what is says on the tin; you’ll be asked the usual things such as your full name, date of birth, address, etc. There will also be some monitoring questions around things such as your ethnic origin, religion or beliefs, and sexual orientation. This information will only be shared with universities or colleges after you have secured a place or at the end of the application cycle, and will not influence any decisions about your application.

This is also a really useful section for providing information about your individual circumstances, such as whether you’ve been involved in widening participation activities or if you’ve been in care. These sorts of things give universities and colleges a better understanding of you as an individual and help them to make sure that they can provide the best and most supportive experience possible.

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