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MyCRM – Activity/Blog/Contact Management

See below for help and guides with MyCRM 🙂

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For scrolling larger tables horizontally press your mouse wheel middle key down then move left – to -right

For those leading the event, please remember to “Take Ownership” too so we know which staff member on the system is leading it.

Just to be clear:

MyCRM: Is a Customer relationship management tool to manage contacts/school requests via booking form/blogs/ data exports/contacts/opportunities/enquiries in general (via website or import)

Basecamp: A Cloud project management intranet. We use so everyone can access files remotely and discuss topics with teams and ask for help / showcase opportunities

HEAT: Higher Education Access Tracker, records student details and their involvement in widening participation (WP) activities

All systems are very different and designed to do different things 🙂




select an option
  • For HEPO - How to Book + Cancel
  • Overview
  • How to log in?
  • How to update an entry or mark my availability to deliver
  • Activity Assignments - What do I do?
  • I can no longer do an activity?
  • What's the events all about?
  • How do I filter and see what i'm up to?
  • How do I export data
  • The Process
  • Files and notes e.g. Risk Assessments
  • Feedback
  • Terminology
  • ID and School ID
  • Word Template - to use for schools
  • Stats
  • Blogs - How do I keep track?
  • Submitting my Blog
  • Contact list

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