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Leeds Arts University

Student Carer Bursary & Other Financial Support Info

The Student Welfare team will be able to indicate where financial support may be available through an application to support from the University Hardship Fund.


Student Support – academic and pastoral

If you are in a situation of providing care for another person, there is a range of support that the university can provide for you. It is important to let us know your situation and the potential impact that it may have on your participation and success in your studies.


Let us know your circumstances. The best approach is to communicate early on when joining the University community about your circumstances, responsibilities and indicate the potential impact that it may have on your studies at the university.

You can contact and receive support through the Leeds Arts University Student Support team, Student Welfare Team, your course academic tutor or through the Student Union.


When you are on campus you can drop into Student Welfare, in the corridor near the Mosaic café in the Blenheim Walk campus, to have a discrete conversation about your circumstances with a member of the team.


Receive academic help.  Explaining your situation with your Academic Tutor will help them to provide support and consideration of your circumstances, where you may need flexibility in attending particular times or events or meeting assignment deadlines.  There is a process called ‘Extenuating Circumstances’ (EC) that can be applied for if an extension of time is required prior to an assessment.  Your tutor will be also able to suggest who else to turn to at the university; such as the Student Support team, Student Welfare team and the Student Welfare Officer in the Student Union.


Health and Wellbeing support. Your health and wellbeing is important to us.  Before starting your studies at the University you can arrange a quiet and bespoke meeting to discuss your circumstances with a member of the Student Welfare team.


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