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Higher Education: choices

You have a huge range of options when choosing a Higher Education provider. In the UK, providers come in all shapes and sizes; the perfect route for one person may not be the perfect route for someone else. It is important that you consider a range of factors when picking Higher Education routes.

Below are some questions you should think about to ensure you have thought thoroughly about your choice of Higher Education:

  • What type of course do you want to study? Are you ready and willing to enter work? If so, would a higher level or degree apprenticeship be best?
  • Are you very engaged with a particular subject or subjects and wish to study in depth? Perhaps a university/college/specialist institution is best?
  • Do you want to live in the middle of a city or would you prefer living on a campus (an area where everything you need is in one place)?
  • Does the course offer any additional financial support (scholarships, bursaries, etc)? that they would be eligible for?

Choosing qualifications: what’s what?

There are a few different types of Higher Education qualifications, which can be split into three main groups:


These qualifications focus on developing deep knowledge of specific subjects. Students studying these qualifications also develop skills in independent learning and research.


These qualifications allow students to develop a knowledge base so that they can learn important theory.

However, they also offer more practical learning opportunities and link to specific careers or jobs.


This route can result in obtaining either an academic or vocational Higher Education qualification. As apprenticeships are jobs, up to 80% of the time will be spent in a work environment rather than in the classroom.

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