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Getting prepared

However, first it’s important to think about how to prepare for your application. In Year 12, we recommend that you do plenty of research about which universities you might like to apply to, considering all of the different pros and cons of each and thinking about your own personal priorities. Do you want to move away from home, or go to a university close to home so you can commute? Do you want a campus or city university? Do you want a big or small university? These are just some questions you might want to ask yourself when deciding which universities and courses to apply for.

Open Days can be massively helpful in answering these questions, and we’d recommend getting yourself to as many as you possibly can. You might think you love the idea of one university but arrive on the day and realise it’s not for you; similarly, you might visit your least favourite and realise it’s absolutely perfect! Having the opportunity to explore the campus and city or town, as well as speak to academics and existing students, can really help to give you that ‘gut feeling’ of what’s right for you.

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