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The decision that will shape your future begins in Years 8/9 when you are asked to choose the subjects you want to study at GCSE.

GCSEs are extremely important. Nearly every course offered at Higher Education providers across the UK will ask for a minimum achievement level at GCSE.

GCSEs are no longer graded using letters A*-U. Instead, as of 2017 students will receive grades 9 to 1 for each subject, with 9 being the highest and 1 the lowest.

The minimum achievement level required by Higher Education providers varies depending on the university, college, and course. Usually, a minimum of five or six GCSEs at grades between 9 and 4/5 is required. Most often Mathematics and English Language GCSEs are required at grade 4 or 5. Some courses will ask for much higher grades, for example some medical courses ask for five or more 8/9 grades.

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