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Elliot Jarvis Podcast


Hey! Welcome! My name is Elliot and I am a 3rd year undergraduate student, studying
Classical Music, specifically in Classical Piano Performance at Leeds Conservatoire. I am
from a school and area where not many people go into higher education.

Today we will be chatting a little bit about what it means, as a young person from a school
or area where little people go onto higher education to actually go to study at a university
or college.

Coming from a school where little people go onto higher education meant that I did not
feel as prepared or even sure that I wanted to go onto higher education. I have always
known I have wanted to study music at a specialist music institution like Leeds
Conservatoire but was very unsure on how to navigate the sometimes long journey to
securing a place at a university, college or conservatoire.

The support given by my school was limited when it came to preparing for university.
University itself is not the only consideration when it comes to looking at higher
education. I knew that I had to worry about things such as which city to study in, which
course, which institution, what accommodation was available, could I afford to go to
university, all of that stuff but then also knowing that I have to write a personal statement,
achieve the grades, complete interviews before all of that.

My school did not offer this support as not a lot of students went on to higher education,
and if you are in the same position, don’t worry, I have some great tips for you!

The first tip, find resources online, sometimes the best way of getting the right information
you need is to speak to institutions you aspire to go to, they are the experts, speak to
them about the courses, what grades are required and they often also have many
excellent guides and recourses to navigate the complex path of applying to university.
I managed to get all the advice and support I need from speaking to Leeds Conservatoire
when I was applying, and I am sure whichever university or college you are applying to,
you can too! Just remember there will always be a friendly face, happy to help at the end
of the phone or email.

You should also never feel like you are at a disadvantaged position for not having the
support at school, for the majority of people, applying to university is a new experience.
They have never done it before, so wether you are struggling for support from your school
or not, often everyone is in the same position so do not worry!

So remember the three words. Ask for help. Whether it is from your school, online
resources, family or contacting the university you wish to study at, don’t be afraid to
reach out, everyone is in the same position and you are certainly capable of studying at

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