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Career progression through learning

Bradford College



University level study is an excellent way for adults to consolidate their work experience and enhance their future career prospects. In many cases, their work experience can make up for the lack of A levels required to start most higher education course.


Bradford College student, Andy Wilds, is a good example of how a higher education course can consolidate work experience and enhance future career prospects.

Andy had worked in the Fire and Rescue Service for many years.  While serving as a full-time Crew Manager he decided to start a BA (Hons) in Public Services Management at Bradford College.  During his studies, Andy would complete a three hour round trip from Hull to attend his classes.  Determination and hard work resulted in Andy achieving a first class honours degree.

Andy WildsAndy believes that the skills and qualifications he has gained from the course have set him on the right path for promotion within the Fire and Rescue Service. Andy said: “The course has been extremely beneficial and has helped me immensely in my current role.”

Andy has been called to many incidents where his ability to perform under pressure has led to lives being saved.  Andy credits his ability to respond with the correct decision in a short space of time, to teamwork and being comfortable with taking responsibility for the decisions he makes.



Not content at stopping at a first class honours degree, Andy is now studying a Masters Degree in Business and Management.  Andy is confident that his qualifications, experience and determination mean that the sky’s the limit for his career opportunities.