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How many Higher Education institutions are there in the UK?

How many Higher Education institutions are there in the UK?

How many courses do universities offer in the UK?

What is a Russell Group university?

What’s the difference between a campus university and a city centre university?

In June a group of Immanuel College parents and students braved the heat to learn the answers to some of these questions and to take part in a workshop on applying to university. Parents spent the session learning how to navigate the UCAS website, guided by Cate Blake and Joanne Welding.

UCAS is the website which handles all the applications to university in the UK but is much, much more than this.

It’s a fantastic tool to research where universities are, university course types, the entry requirements for courses and the types of modules available at different universities. (For instance studying history at one university may be very different from another as the focus of the course might be on medieval history or American history.)

By the end of the session parents were able to suggest possible course choices to suit the imaginary students they were randomly given and justify their choices. The next session will focus on meeting student ambassadors from universities across West Yorkshire to learn more about actual student experiences.

Joanne Welding Go Higher (NCOP) Progression Officer

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