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Care Leavers

If you are below the age of 21 and were looked after in foster care or residential accommodation by a local authority, you may be eligible for additional support from universities, colleges and from your local authority.

Find out more how our partners support care levers here.

Every higher education institution will have support in place to offer to care leavers who enrol onto HE courses. This can range from financial, wellbeing, accommodation or social support. It is important you make them aware you are a care leaver; this can be done during the application process or by getting in contact with the university or college directly. If you are applying through UCAS, make sure you tick the relevant box to make them aware you have been in care.

Most universities will provide year-round accommodation for you as a care leaver. As well as this, some universities may be able to guarantee you a place in university-owned accommodation and a waiver of the upfront security deposit required. It is best to find out more from each institution by getting in touch with student support or accommodation services.

You can get in touch with support services as much as you like at university or college. There are also a number of wellbeing services available, such as counselling and mental health support.

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