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Employability Essentials

Hello, thanks for visiting the ‘Employability Essentials’ section of the GHWY website.

‘Employability Essentials’ is a suite of multi-media workshop resources. These resources have been carefully created to help teachers and other CIAG/community professionals et al. work with groups of young people (and/or their parents/carers) to understand the meaning of employability and significance of the skill set. These resources will also help workshop participants identify ways they can enhance their own employability (or, for parents/carers, that of their children/those in their care) and enthuse them to do so.

On this page you will find all the Employability Essentials workshop resources alongside helpful facilitator notes to assist you with prep for and delivery of the session.  The resources are all contained within the main body of the PowerPoint slides (FYI this is a large file for those downloading it). The facilitator notes and guidance are contained in the notes section of the PowerPoint.

The resources have been designed to be as flexible as possible. They can be used with groups of all sizes, formatted for use across various settings/durations and are suitable for young people (aged 13-18) and parents/carers. To ensure your group gets the most from the session we suggest you familiarise yourself with the entire resource pack and then design your session: You can do this by simply selecting the elements of the resource that will connect best with your group and work well within the setting and time you have available for the session/s.

We have intentionally ensured that the entire resource is amendable. This means you can alter it to suit your groups needs and deliver what will work best for your session.

You might also like to watch our short Vlog – accessed by clicking this link – which provides a handy summary of the resources alongside tips and hints for delivery.

We welcome feedback. Should you have any about this resource in general or following delivery of an Employability Essentials session please email using the subject header ‘Employability Essentials feedback’. Or, please fill out the feedback form below.


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